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Web Developer Salary Information and Career Prospectus

If you are a web development professional you need to be aware of what determines a company’s salary package in order to target which companies offer the best compensation and to make sure you have the requirements to get the top offers. In today’s world web developers are shaping what the future of electronic media will look like and their compensation packages should match the level of skill this job requires.

Salary packages usually range from $35-100,000 per year, depending upon the experience and skill. Those newly graduated with little experience other than school projects can usually expect to earn approximately $35-40,000 per year. The beginning web developer can expect to maintain and administer web pages for minor jobs and to work under more senior developers, helping them with their larger projects. After gaining a few years of experience, the salary packages can jump to $50-60,000 per year. At this next level the developer is expected to work on medium to large jobs and may or may not have some assistance on projects. The senior programmers earn between $70-90,000, and some extremely skilled developers can to above $100,000 per year. These professionals work on larger development projects and will usually have junior developers working under them.

The location of the job is also an influence on the salary offered. Large metropolitan areas have more firms and can offer a higher salary. Boston, New York, and Los Angeles will be able to offer a larger salary than places such as Kearney, Nebraska, or Austin, Texas. You must take into account, though, the cost of living in the area where the job is located. Many smaller towns are considerably less expensive to live in. Also, a programmer’s educational background, the level of proficiency in several programming languages, and the overall proficiency in the web development process will have a large impact on the salary offered. A Bachelor’s degree in a field such as Computer Science, Computer Programming, or Computer Engineering from a top-notch school will get you a more lucrative salary package. A Master’s degree will increase the salary package by approximately $15,000 per year.

Some web developers prefer to work on their own from their home computers. These programmers are usually limited to small contracts that can be completed quickly. The programmers are usually paid on an hourly basis. This can work into a full-time job or be a part-time, after hours thing. Working from home has the benefits of being able to schedule at your convenience and decreasing your commute to one staircase. However, you are not guaranteed work and will have to be in charge of your own marketing and finding jobs.

The internet is constantly growing and changing, therefore the demand for competent web developers will also grow. It is an emerging field that can be a wonderful career path for those able to master the complexities of the electronic world. The stories of self-taught web developers, however, are becoming more and more rare. Find a reputable school and get some serious training in this field. The more education you have, the more you can command one of the top salaries in the field.

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