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Choosing a Web Developer: How to Save Money on Your Website Project

Whether you need a website or a blog or an online store, price may vary substantially because of the nature of a project itself. What can be done is to specify all possible details in the project brief. Identify and select features that are most challenging to implement, components that can be purchased rather than developed from scratch. It is also advisable not to leave these decisions to your web developer and to do it yourself. Otherwise, their estimate may include most expensive so-called worst case scenario.

If your project is urgent there may be several reasons for it. First and most common is that it is already behind the schedule. Be prepared to pay for the urgency because web developer may require additional resources both human and technical. If you want to see the result earlier, then you should contribute to development process to setting up additional milestones and checking results on each iteration. I personally believe that the best approach is not to tell the developer about urgency, giving instead greater control on each step and attention to details.

To avoid any misunderstanding you must include any additional requirements in the project brief. What it could be? For example planned reuse of the code, maintenance, third-party testing and adherence to some coding style or a standard. If your company any of these, it would be better to find a matching developer that claims to have them as a part of their process. A regular web developer may not have staff trained for this or does not have corresponding experience. Adding additional requirements in the middle of the project may be treated as an additional overhead. In any way it will cost you more money.

Aside from the mentioned factors, software development companies may have different pricing depending on their size, experience and location. Using a big company for a small website project is certainly a bad idea. A company of that size may better suit for a big project with critical requirements in terms quality and support. A mid-sized company is a good choice if you are of that size yourself. Just pay attention on references or certifications such as CMMI or ISO if available. This will add more credibility for the supplier and confidence for you as a buyer of their services. Content maturity model level CMMI generally means that result of the project is guaranteed by the standardized production process rather then heroic efforts of a specific programmer or a manager.

If you chose to work with a team of programmers or freelancers, you need to pay attention on their references and portfolio that proves they have experience in your specific domain. It is also important to use a payment structure that keeps both parties interested until the end of the project or the support period. In order to keep yourself comfortable while dealing with small-sized developers never give lot of money upfront, try to see some progress first. Remember that reputation is of great value in online business so a good web developer will never put it under a risk.

There is always a chance to get an unfair price or a bad experience when you are doing web development work, but if you plan ahead thoroughly these chances can be reduced dramatically. So I wish you good luck in finding the best web developer and let the power be with you.

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