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A Foolproof Formula for the Perfect Web Development Exercise

Sunday, August 26th, 2018

It is not like it is difficult to create a website today. With all the user-friendly tools available online, anyone can create a portal for themselves. Yet, there are some factors that differentiate a decent website from an excellent one. If you spending hundreds of dollars on a web development company to ensure that you have an internet based portal that is effective and aesthetic, you want to make sure you are getting the most out of it.

Here is a list of things that go into making a great website:

1. A Good Navigation System with Sufficient Legibility:

If the overall navigational flow of your website is not good, you are risking your own credibility as well as that of the web development company that you have hired. Something as simple as the layout and the way your information is presented in an organized or unorganized manner is enough for the visitor of your web pages to judge you as well as your company.

It is strongly recommended that you put the most important information that you wish to present to your audience on the top and then move on to subsidiary pieces of content that may or may not be relevant to every visitor and visits your web page. The icons that you use for navigation must be clearly presented and remember the three click rule. Every piece of vital information must be available within three clicks or expect it to be unread and unnoticed by your audiences.

2. Interesting and Fresh Content:

Your web development exercise includes everything from good design to fresh content and content management. This is more of an ongoing exercise especially if you are in a business which expects you to update information much more regularly. Your content needs to be interesting, fresh and relevant to what you feel your audiences will be looking for. Fresh content not only ensures you maintain your rank on the top of most search results but it also helps audiences wanting to keep coming back to your website to stay updated with what’s new in your business and what new products and services are you offering at the moment.

Your content must consist of crisp vocabulary that can be understood by people from all backgrounds especially designed for the majority of your target segment. For example, if you wish to appeal to kids you may have to hold back from using some of those big words which they may find difficult reading or understanding. Learn how to speak the language of your target audience.

In addition to this, a good web development company will also lay sufficient emphasis on the use of good graphics and flash. They will make sure that they don’t over use it and apply it only to the extent of it playing a functional and aesthetic role in your website. A balanced mix of these elements is sure to have excellent results when it comes to a great web design.

Why SEO Is Important for All Web Developers

Saturday, August 25th, 2018

For many developers, the arrival of SEO has been looked upon as a minor business practice instead of something to be dramatically implemented in all web page markup. In some cases, this is completely understandable, since there are other means to drive traffic to a website. However, it is traffic-driven mindset that leaves most developers and web designers with a bad taste in their mouth.

SEO isn’t just a grey hat tool with the purpose to drive in new customers. More often then not, this is the case, though It’s also a useful tool to organize and index your pages for other reasons that are often ignored by freshly hired web developers. Say a developer is hired by a none-profit to design and assemble a database that searches and organizes medical conditions by typical patient symptoms. More often then not, this sites developer will likely ignore this sites SEO potential simply because their is no drive for profits or to bring in any sort of business. This is exactly the mindset that the majority of developers need to stay clear of.

The SEO potential for such a medical database could drive in hundreds of thousands of impressions per month, thus pushing such a site into unforeseen directions that are out of the scope of the web developer. Regardless of this sites own business practices, there is ultimate potential for patients to discover their own health issues from basic search terms that point to a broad and open database of knowledge. This is, ultimately, the goal of such a site, and it’s own developer could easily to more harm by ignoring the goal and the impact of SEO.

It is still important to maintain the fact that SEO is a fantastic tool for marketing purposes. Many businesses are finding that their customers are using search engines to find what they want, instead of phone books or directory listings. Still, it’s important to drive a clear focus to web designers and web developers who all seem to be the last one’s on board for optimization. If your site is a resource, by all means, you should attempt basic optimization and push your developer to add the basic features that set your site up for better listings.

The following are basic tasks that will help your sites SEO, and should be implemented by developers regardless. It’s just good, clean practice.

– All anchor tags should have a proper title attribute. Ex:

<a target="_new" rel="nofollow" href="">Your Sites Title</a>

– All image tags should have a proper alt attribute. Ex:

<img src="" alt="This is the image context" />

– Your page should have a clear and descriptive Title

– Lastly, add a Sitemap.xml file to your sites directory.

Warning Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Current Web Development Company

Friday, August 24th, 2018

Sometimes you have to walk away. You can fire your web development company if you’re not getting the results you deserve. Nothing is holding you back from making a better decision about a new web development company if your current one ignores, lies and cheats you out of a considerable about of time and money. The headaches are not worth it, so consider these examples to see if it’s time to fire your current provider.

You can’t call the business directly.

Evaluate your current web development company’s communications to see if you’re working with the right company. You should be able to speak with a human being instead of an answer machine, but a face-to-face discussion about your project is ideal. Depending on the depth of your project, your correspondence should include project reports, data profiles and confirmations for project milestones. If you cannot remember the last time you discussed your project, it’s time to let the firm go.

Your project’s ETA changes every week.

One red flag to address is the consistent excuses from the web development company. First, they’re never available to discuss your project then you receive a random email informing you the project is pushed back. After reading through the email, you realize the firm never called to request additional information or ask you for an opinion on the “new ideas” they want to implement on your site. The next email you receive from the firm is that you will have to pay extra for the additional work because they are working over the estimated completion date.

Here’s a better solution:

Send the company a deadline for completion. If they cannot provide a detailed explanation of the delays, you should request a refund for their lack of professionalism. Review the company’s Terms of Service, Guarantee and make sure they offer a refund if the company cannot provide the right services. Point this information out to your account manager and demand a refund. Find a company that’s willing to finish your work in a reasonable time and/or report the firm to the Better Business Bureau.

Your business needs to work with professionals interested in helping you reach your goals. If you’re always on the edge or upset about your company’s excuses, move forward. Reputable web development firms believe in allowing customers to have choices. You’re also given opportunities to work directly with an account manager that’s happy to fulfill your orders.

Not sure how to break up with your current firm? Call them directly with a definite deadline. If they cannot finish the order, cut your losses and leave the company alone. Just take baby steps in finding a new one that does a better job.